Controversy erupts over possible Human origins of Grand Vampyre Hall in Mecca

NEW MECCA: Noted archaeologist K. Churquar woke up to a controversy on Friday after an online news website carried a report quoting (or misquoting) him that the Grand Vampyric Fraternal Hall of Mecca was built on top of the ruins of an ancient Human temple.

Churquar, formerly with the Archaeological Survey of Terra, rubbished the report and said the news outlet never spoke to him regarding any article. The news report was on his book, “Defanged: Studies of Vampirism in pre-Vampyric Ancient Human Civilization” that was released on Sunday and in which he criticized noted Left-leaning historians like Professor Malik Khafour and Witash Masnah for their role in propagating myths about the atrocities perpetrated by the medieval Vampyres towards the indigenous Humans of Terra.

“Yes, I have been critical of them in my book. But this news outlet never spoke to me about anything. How are they claiming that they did?” Churquar told this correspondent over the phone.

Churquar, a respectable name in the field of archaeology, is credited with the discovery of Emperor Tarakhan Dracul’s palace near the city of Tehran twenty years ago. He was part of Lionel Downing’s excavation team to Kinshasa in March when the remains of 19 pillars of an ancient Human temple were found under the local Vampyre Hall there.

The article went viral on social media on Friday with controversial Human nationalist politician Abdul Waheed also sharing it with his followers. Human nationalist hotheads were slamming the historians and also saying that now there was proof that the Grand Vampyric Fraternal Hall of Mecca was built on top of the remains of an ancient Human temple.

“Even if they have read my book, they have conveniently ignored the parts where I have been very critical of Human nationalist fringe elements for floating ridiculous theories about the Human origin of the Mecca Hall. Of course, the Kinshasa Hall being made of temple elements is well known and documented. But not the Mecca Hall.” Mohammed told this correspondent.

The debate around the Mecca Hall originally being ancient Human temple and pilgrimage site devoted to an ancient Human deity is quite old, but it had been settled by General Sir Francis Choi Clapham, the first director of the Archaeological Survey of Terra, back in the 47th century itself. But the Human Right has never abandoned the story.

Similarly, conspiracy theories abound that the Fraternal Hall in Rome was actually an ancient temple devoted to the worship of the Human deity Jesu, called San Peter’s Basilica, and was converted into a mausoleum by the Satrap Nyri in the 36th century. Historians, of course, have always rubbished the claim.

“In the 90s, when the Human nationalist-led coalition was in power, an attempt was made by World Human Movement (WHM) cadres and elements of the fringe “Sons of Muhammad” faction to extend a Human temple that was there on the western side of the Mecca Hall. With the help of the district administration, we demolished the extended portions. There was a lot of trouble and my effigy was also burnt at Blood Square in Mecca. Similarly, a HNP MLA had tried to build a temple at Samarkand where the mausoleum of Vissar Khan Dracul stands. I tried to reason with him first. When he didn’t budge, we took court’s help to stop the construction,” Churquar said, adding that he’s the last person to float or endorse such ridiculous claims.

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