How to take Bartle’s player type taxonomy into practice? Here’s the guide that will help you design your next game better.

A lot has been discussed and written about Bartle taxonomy of player types already, so my goal here is not to explain its psychological aspect ‘per se’, but to show how you can take it into practice. You might already know what players want and why they want it, so…

What are the best practices for major game mechanics you should implement in your mobile games? Here’s the ultimate guide for game designers with lessons learned from +250 games.

After more than 10 years as a Game Designer in very successful companies (Senior Game Designer at Matific, Lead Game Designer at TabTale, Owner at LookandfeelGames), I had — and still have — the privilege and the opportunity to utilize data from hundreds of millions of users around the world…

Amir Dori

Game Designer (Matific, TabTale, Lookandfeel) ★ Lecturer at Mentor College Israel ★ His games are played by millions of people around the world… and counting.

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