The Point of Lists

I am easily lost in the right way to do something. A relatively minor point or element to a bigger, more important task will become the focus of my attention to the detriment of the more important project because I get adamant it must be done so.

I’m not talking about attention to detail. Detail is the difference between doing a job well and do it great. I’m talking about the minutae whose degree of execution have no impact whatsoever on the end result.

Which brings me to lists. Lists are how I prevent myself from being mesmerised by the little things. Because if i put the main task on a list in front of me, I have something to focus on, something to anchor me to the task at hand. Something to remind me that the hour of productivity i have in front of me cannot be wasted on something no-one will ever know about or benefit from.

Good lists keep me on track because they ignore detail. They don’t care about how you did something or what you used to accomplish your goals. In an infinite quagmire of grey they are refreshingly binary. Items on a list are done, or they aren’t.

When you cannot afford distractions, get a list.