Things I want my Phone to do before Phones go away

Benedict Evans wrote about the Republic Rainbow in a post about the death of PCs.

That things are at their very best right before they’re obsolete.

It’s quite the sobering concept. If you’re flying high on the fumes of exulted success and supremacy, it’s the perfect reminder to take stock, have a look around, and consider whether you’re about to be the greatest, and last, of your kind.

Phones seem to be going that way, in their current incarnation: rectangular blocks with a screen, microphone, camera and speakers that connect us to the internet. They’ve moved so far from the thing the noun used to describe, it’s hard to believe what comes next will share the word too.

Whatever replaces the phone by doing what it does better probably won’t be called a phone.

Before it does retire, there are a couple of things I’d like to see:

Totes Wireless

No cords for charging, or listening, or going online. No ports. No way in, no way out.

All Screen

No buttons, anywhere, and no edge. All of the phone is the phone. Front, sides and back, all gloriously functional.


Waterproof, flexible and shockproof. Because covers suck, and butterfingers shouldn’t be punished for their clumsiness.

Zero Memory

A flawless, uninterrupted, so-fast-speed-isn’t-an-issue gateway to the cloud.

The Only Thing

Make payments, unlock my house, start my car, and be all the things in my pocket that Ihave to carry around to do humaning these days.

Laser Keyboard

Ideally combined with gesture recognition, so that I don’t have to keep touching the screen to interact.

That’s my before-obsoletion request list. Get me all of those things and then the not-phone can take over.

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