Are short posts a good idea?

I love writing.

It’s the best and fastest way to communicate your ideas to strangers. Sometimes it’s even better than talking, because when we write, we tend to forget about some of our fears, and we just talk to others.

But do we always have to write really long posts, to describe our idea? Do we always have to invest hours, even days, into writing our post? Or are short posts good too?

My opinion is that if what you want to tell people has to be written in more than 2000 words, then you should do your best to write over 2000 words.

However, short articles are perfect when you want to express simple ideas. We all know someone who takes ages to tell us about an idea, and when he finally does, is not a big deal. Well, it’s the same with really long articles talking about something obvious.

It’s okay to write a lot every single day, it’s okay to have a lot of ideas, and it’s okay to write posts that have usually over 2000 words, but it’s not okay if you do that for every single little idea you have.

Sometime, the bigger the post is, the worse is gonna be. Some people love to read, and no matter how long a certain post is, they will take the time and read everything, but there are also people who just want information, who want ideas, and who are not willing to spend 20 minutes reading your entire post.

I don’t say long posts are bad, not at all, I enjoy reading long posts. I’m just saying that short posts are not bad either. If you think you can express your idea in only 500 words,then go ahead. I love when I read short posts and I actually learn something from them.

So, if you have an idea, and it’s simple enough that you could explain it in only 500 words, or even 200 words, then go ahead and do that. If there are people who love reading long posts, I assure you there are a lot of people who love reading short posts too.

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