But don’t forget about quality!

In yesterday’s post I was talking about why people should learn how to provide the content they create faster, and not use “high quality” as an excuse to post once or twice a month.

However, quality is important too. Most people will argue that they’d rather wait months for a certain product and get something really good than to get it faster and not enjoying it that much. I do agree with this, but I also disagree.

I think that if you are a content creator you should do your best to find a balance between creating content as high quality as possible, while also making sure you actually deliver. It’s okay if quality is your main objective, but you need to give your followers something to consume.

Do what you did until now, but find ways to do it faster while not losing quality. Yes, an amazing movie will attract a lot of people and will have success, but when you need to wait 5 years for the second part, just because the producers want to create something amazing, people kinda get bored of waiting.

It’s the same for other things. People want high quality content, but they are not willing to wait 6 months for you to create a new video. People want quality but they’re not willing to wait 6 years for your team to create another video game.

Most of us love consuming content, I know I do, but when I don’t get it, and the only excuse the creators have is “We need more time to make sure it’s high quality”, it really makes me question their ability to create something amazing. If you need 6 months to create a good video, I’m not willing to wait for you to finish.

So, do your best to find a balance between being able to provide content as often as possible, while also making sure it’s pretty high quality for your followers to enjoy it.

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