Does the size matter?

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about a penis here.

I’m talking about the size of your Medium post, the size of your blog post, or the size of the article you’re writing.

A lot of people believe that writing huge pieces of text to express a few ideas makes them better writers, but while I am only a beginner in this area, I don’t find that true.

Of all the books I managed to read in the last few years, the short or medium ones, most of them, were the best. Of course, it depends what you mean by short or medium. For some people a short book could have 50 pages, for others it could have 200.

For me a “medium” book has around 250–300 pages. I also read bigger books, that have over 500 pages, but from all of them, my favorite one, the book I’ll talk about in a future post, has only around 300 pages.

Now, why’s that? Shouldn’t big books have more information? Shouldn’t big articles be better than short articles?

Actually, no. The thing about writing is that when you want to say something, you usually create a story about what you want to say. That’s the main reason I’m still writing right now instead of just finishing this post and publish it.

But as a writer, I believe it’s your duty to understand when that story around your idea should end, and when you should just say things the way they are. Sometimes that’s way more important than getting over 2000 words, and writing a post that would take 20 minutes to read.

I don’t say long posts are bad, of course not. I enjoy reading anything that could bring value. What I want to say is that we should not make our posts bigger than they actually are, just for the sake of doing it. We should try to write something that will educate or inspire others, not looking at the counter hoping to get over 2000 words.

So, does size matter? I don’t think so. As long as your idea is great, you can only write it in 100 words.

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