Find a topic you can confidently write about

I guess this is one mistake a lot of us did in the past, when we first started writing — we thought we can write about anything without any kind of research and without learning something new.

I know that’s what I did, and I was wrong. Yes, we can write about all kind of things, but it doesn’t mean doing that will help your blog or your profile get more views. For example, a long time ago I spent some time writing about Linux and all kind of things you could do with it.

However, the problem was that I wasn’t so good at using that operating system. I knew how to use some simple Linux distributions, like Linux Mint or Ubuntu, but nothing more than that. Because I didn’t know a lot, all of the things I wrote were pretty much useless.

That’s why I gave up on that, and I tried to write about all kind of other subjects. I tried to write about computers, and I succeeded in some cases, I tried writing about freelancing, and I had some more success, and finally, I started writing about work and about working online, and that turned out to be the topic I knew best.

I say that because working online is what I do almost every single day, and I always need to learn new things and improve what I do in order to get the rewards I need to live the life I want.

Because of that I know all kind of things about working in your browser, about posting content on all kind of websites, create portfolios, work on projects and overall, succeeding in creating content.

That’s why if you scroll through my Medium profile you’ll see that most of my posts are about those topics — how to work better, find out what your objectives are, why you need to focus on the content, the quality, the consistency, etc.

I recommend you do the same — spend some time doing all kind of things and learn new skills, and then start writing about them. If you write about what you do and about what you learn, more people will get interested. If you write about things you don’t know much about, people may not like you, because you’ll always be wrong and no one will have any reason to spend time reading your posts or articles.

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