What’s my reason to read, and why you should too

Everyone writes articles telling others to read, and why that’s important in their life. It has been said so many times, people got bored of this, and I understand why. There are probably hundred of people writing posts every week about why others should start reading.

Well, in this post I want to talk about why I’m reading, what’s my reason, and why this may also motivate you to start reading.

I should mention this before starting the post — people love to talk about where you should read things from, a book, or an electronic device, like your computer or your phone. It doesn’t matter. As long as you get the information you need and you grow as a person because of that, you can read from any kind of place you want.

Anyway, let’s not talk about that any more and let’s start with the post, or, more exactly, with a small story.

I’m not the smartest person I know

And I will probably never be. I usually do my best to stay around people that can do something I can’t, in order to make myself feel inferior and somehow motivate myself to develop more as a person.

But that wasn’t always the case. I had a long period in my life where I felt and I was inferior compared to most people I knew, and they weren’t too smart either. I was never reading, never trying to understand certain things, never willing to learn something new.

I was always slow at doing things, and most importantly for me, slow at thinking about solutions. I was spending my time playing video games, the only thing I was ever good at, but even there I managed to find a lot of people who were better than me, because they understood the game better.

I was playing MMORPG and RPG games a lot, and I was very frustrated when I saw someone with a better armor or sword, or even a better character overall, just because they were able to think better in certain situations and take advantage of certain opportunities.

This was one of the main reason I spent little time with people. I was always the one that was last in finding a solution to a problem, or I was the one who never managed to find the best solution.

I was always behind, and that made me feel bad.

Until one day someone changed the way I saw things. It was an older person, a woman, that I may talk about in a future post, that taught me about reading, and how that can help me develop as a person and can help me learn more things.

I did not believe her at first, but after a few years my computer broke for about two weeks, and I had nothing to do besides reading. So I started to read. Best two weeks of my life.

In that short amount of time I managed to read 5 books, and I enjoyed it more than I expected. I was learning new things, I was reading stories that fascinated me, stories that made me smile and even laugh. I never expected a book to be so fun and interesting.

And since that day I kept reading, just for fun. Until I started reading something actually useful.

I read to keep myself ahead of others

I consider myself to be stupid compared to other people. Others can think faster and better than me, can find solutions to certain problems way faster than me, and are, overall, better.

Because of that, I don’t really have any advantage over them. I feel stupid when I’m with a person like that and I do my best to keep quiet and listen to what they have to say, hoping that I’ll learn something.

However, reading helped me overcome this. By reading a lot, I managed to learn things not a lot of people knew, and while I was still slower when thinking about certain subjects, I was able to keep myself ahead of other people because I knew things they didn’t.

And that happened in almost anything I did. If I was playing a game, I always had an advantage over everyone who never spent more than two minutes reading something.

I was always reading all the stats from weapons and armors, I was always reading the entire quest before starting to complete it, I was always reading guides online, everything that was information, was interesting to me.

I was ahead of everyone in my class, not in school, but in life, because I was reading. Most of my class mates were having trouble with money, and they had to ask their parents for $5 to $10 every day, or more, to buy things they needed.

I didn’t have to do that. I spent time online, reading about YouTube, and at 16 I was making around $200 a month. It wasn’t a huge amount, but was enough for me to buy all the things I needed and keep myself in high school, buying books and clothes, without my parents having to help me.

I wasn’t smarter, I wasn’t better at doing certain things — I just knew things most people in my class didn’t. And that meant I had an advantage.

Reading makes me smarter

Not only that, but it actually makes me feel smarter. I make money online, something not a lot of people do in my country, and while I feel stupid compared to others, people think I’m smart just because I do something they don’t understand, making money using a tool they have no idea how to use.

Reading helped me more than anything in my entire life, not because it helped me know more words or because it made me look smart, but because it helped me keep myself ahead of other people, by knowing things they don’t.

And only when I discovered that, I completely understood the words “Knowledge is power”, because it really is. The moment you know more than other people, you can take advantage of them not knowing and use that against them.

Even if that’s not the case, you can use all the knowledge you have to get a better deal. If two people buy a computer at the same time, the one who spent the last week reading about computers and trying to understand what each part does and what parts he needs for a computer that is great for his needs will get a better deal. The other person will just get something others recommend, which can not always be what he really wants.

If you’re looking for a reason to read more, I just gave you one. Reading gives you access to some information not everyone is aware of. And once you have that information stored in your mind, you have an advantage over everyone who doesn’t.

You don’t really need to be smart, you don’t really need your mind to work faster than everyone else’s. All you need is to know things others don’t. That’s how I kept myself ahead of most people that know me, and that’s how I kept myself at the same level as the people I like.

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