Work to build passive income sources

I spent a big part of this year trying to build all kind of design packages for websites like Graphic River and Creative Market. I built some photomanipulation elements, then some backgrounds and now I’m creating around two actions a day.

Yesterday I was writing some articles on a website called Steemit and while writing I got on Graphic River to look at a package and make sure it’s well uploaded. While doing that I discovered that last week I made around $30 without doing anything special.

Because of that I realized how great is to have some passive income sources, places that will generate money for you without you having to constantly work and create products for those places.

There are multiple websites you could use to get this kind of income, and you could even make your own website and sell some products you built in the past.

You could take some time and create design packages for websites that I use as well, like Graphic River and Creative Market, in order to make an extra $100 each month. You could also create products like e-books and sell them on Amazon, in order to maybe get even $500 a month, without you having to work every single day on that place.

Having some passive income sources, places that will generate money while you’re doing something else, is amazing. It’s awesome to see that the amount you make each month grows the more time you spend working, but that you can also stop doing anything at all and you still receive something at the end of the month.

That’s why I believe everyone should work in order to develop something similar, a passive income source, that will generate money without them investing all their time into that activity. It’s a great feeling when you see that each week or each to weeks you get a certain amount of money for a product you worked on a year ago.

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