Amazon Echo Is Magical. It’s Also Turning My Kid Into an Asshole.
Hunter Walk

I love my Echo, not so much for the ease of setting my alarm or turning it off, or getting traffic or weather or news, or playing music or getting various conversions. I love my Echo so much I signed up for, and now have, my Exho Dot. What makes me love my Echo(s) so much is that they force me to think about cyber-human interaction almost every time I use it. It was amazing to me how, in one or two questions, how human Alexa became to me. And yet, Alexa is an API on top of some amazing tech, but not human and not smart. In fact your four year old, though maybe an asshole (I’ve never met her so I’ll take your word for it) is far more interesting in so many more ways.

Though, all this being said, a little “please”, “thank you” and “you are welcome” would go a long way to making Alexa both intriguing and a smidge more civilized.

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