There Is a Fake IDGod, and He Lives in China
C. Brian Smith

As a New York mother of 2 boys, the reason I dont want my sons to drink before the age of 21 (at bars, in public) is mostly due to the fact that I am responsible for them as long as they are living under my roof(when they move out theyre on their own). I can honestly say I am also concerned about other people and what my sons may get involved with that may hurt others(again I will be responsible), i.e. drinking and driving.

Aside from that I think one should become conditioned to alcoholic beverages at a young age; it enables the body and mind to learn its limits, (whether or not they like it and can help prevent peer pressure), while under the safety of their parents. American Holidays are a good time to start them, and besides, from what Ive read, Wine can be a healthy thing to drink.

Really like the idea of different ID’s for other cities discounts.

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