Meet the Chinese “Kylie Jenner” Who Just Rang the Bell at Nasdaq

Doris Ke
Doris Ke
Apr 3 · 19 min read

“It’s just like slipping on a banana peel.”

(Nikou speaking at a conference for e-commerce beauty retailers.)

The Despicable KOL and Female Entrepreneur

Benchmarking Against Clé de Peau Beauté

Dayi’s original post comparing BIG EVE’s facial cleanser with a CPB product.

Dayi, the Entrepreneur

Redefining KOLs

Doris Ke

Written by

Doris Ke

Founder of Business of Women | bridging China and US | Ex - Head of MKT & Ops @Ant Financial US, Social Comms Mngr @MICHAEL KORS HQ, ABM @Unilever

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