My Recent Challenging Learning Experience.

My most recent learning experience was today 6th March first day at Andela Boot Camp.Had to learn so many things within a short while.Some of the things I heard them for the first time and I had to internalize the information and engage myself into practicals.
The first thing was about Test Driven Development, which challenged me very much at first and could not figure out of how to write the test first then the working code and refactoring.After this challenge, I derived much pleasure in learning how to write the test.I got several errors each time I tried to run the test.At the end of the day, i was happy to run my test successfully finally, and this motivated me a lot.
I learned that to write a good working code, you require persistent and an open mind to learn more.I enjoy problem-solving and am looking forward to solving more problems and grab the knowledge as I know learning process continues.

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