Can Immigrant Women Thrive under Trump?
Fiona Citkin, Ph.D.

I too love my friend June Sevilla, not only is she a tremendous lady. but impressive honest, generous, knowledgeable a true friend. The world needs many more like her. I too am an immigrant, having arrived in the U.S. just before the U.S entered WWII, in 1941, As an immigrant my Mother worked her bones to the quick by running rooming houses for factory workers in the war production….it worked. She thrived, made lots of money and became a flourishing citizen of this new nation together with her two children.

Your article is well taken and accept my commendation for it. I truly enjoyed reading it. Many of the points taken about culture and “thrive” are inherent in those of us who come from another type of upbringing and find that to live here can sometimes be quite frustrating, due to the marketing types, the materialism, the demand for instant gratification, the lack of morals, dignity and personal responsibility and yet, the country moves forward in its many crazy formats.

Best wishes to you, and thank you for your open approach to this issue. We need more to bring it really home.


Dorita deLemos Down

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