The only and perhaps unforgettable woe a relationship brings is a full time dull job in a failed society of Pakistan. An obvious greed of something exits which in most cases is money labelled as “financial stability” but deep behind that is a lust for money. Who doesn’t like money? I do. Everyone does. But love for the man is sometimes wrapped around love for money. A man is never as loved as his bank account. Even the most violently liberal girl in this Pakistani society lacks an attraction in the long run. Her face to her ass become dull in a few years and then the boys realize that it didn’t happen as they wanted. They realize their state of being mistaken where an ephemeral attraction of a face pulled them into a 24/7 dull job. Good mothers lead to good nations. That’s the proverb. And even Pakistanis themselves acknowledge they’re failing as a nation over the last few years. I still advise boys that it’s still better to jerk off to good thoughts than to fall in some pit and be mistaken and regretful. Then you can dream that you will come out of it. But you won’t. Ever again!

Green Masked Dorkter

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