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More evidence for the Secrets of Successful Cloud Foundry Adopters

Call it confirmation bias (it is), but at SpringOne Platform I couldn’t help but notice new examples of “The Secrets.” This growing list of “secrets” are patterns across companies digitally transforming using PCF. They surface as I listen to Pivotal’s customers describing their journeys, but they transcend vendor. …

Takeaways from Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley 2017

1100 deploys a month. 50% improvement in time to market. Same day bug fixes with no downtime. 1500 production services. MVP prototypes in four weeks. The measured effects of using Cloud Foundry (and associated people and process changes) are compelling.

But how did they get there? After all, change is…

By Justin Norton from Bristol, United Kingdom (uganda2009–49) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The gloves came off this week. At Gartner’s Catalyst conference in San Diego the message in the big data track was loud and clear: go to the cloud *now*. From Carlie Idoine’s session, “From Data to Insight to Action: Building a Modern End-to-End Data Architecture”, to Svetlana Sicular’s “Implementing Data…

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