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We may be short on a few vowels, but we are not short on energy and excitement for our incoming impact on the Waterloo Region housing scene. We are a group of 20 something’s who know how hard it is to find an apartment. You have essays, exams, parties, professors, Tinder and dinner to worry about let alone figuring out the details of a sublet or lease. The Waterloo Region housing market is exploding as new apartment buildings pop up every few months. And while it is exciting to see a little vertical in this relatively flat city, the daunting task of figuring out the best place to live can be overwhelming, tedious and intimidating.

Whether you are a co-op student who needs to sublet your room while you are off working, a first year trying to imagine life outside of residence or a recent graduate who is hoping to stay in Waterloo for just a little bit longer before facing the real world, Dormr is coming in to take your mind off it all.

Our platform does a few simple things to streamline and make efficient the renting process.

First and foremost, the process starts with you. What are your needs as a tenant? Do you want to live on King Street close to Uptown Waterloo for easy walking access to the bars? Do you want to live up high with a view of the city? Do you want a backyard to be able to have easy access to fresh air and nature? Do you want one or two or five roommates?

Do you like to go to bed early or stay up late? Are you at university to study or to party? Are you a Friends or a Game of Thrones kind of person? Are you up for puppies or cats? Chainsaw or Phil’s? DVLB or Settlement Co? Laurier or uWaterloo?

Do you need a lease for just a four-month co-op term or do you need a full year lease?

You give us the most critical information about your living needs and preferences, and we input that into our algorithm, call it a match making system. It outputs an offer of three or four apartments that would meet your request and all you have to do is decide what you like the most!

We match students who are working and who go to school in opposite terms so a room is never left to be paid for even when its empty. We match tenets who live like grandparents and go to bed at 9pm. We match renters who want to live in the same building that is located right down the street from Phil’s.

Our mission is to fill the apartments in Waterloo with the best possible roommate matches.

The match even goes one step further via our close relationships with trustworthy and respected landlords in Waterloo. We work with them to know what apartments are available and what kind of tenants they hope to have.

This connection starts with the offer and continues throughout the length of the lease. If there is a problem with the apartment, like a leaky faucet or a burnt out light bulb, you can easily and quickly report the issue to Dormr. and in real time you will see results. Rather than an email or a phone call, this method provides instant gratification and change. We can’t imagine anyone would be opposed to that.

Waterloo is a sweet city to live in. Let Dormr. do the work, so you can play.

Together with and by, Team Dormr.

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