Announcing Dorm Room Fund’s Investment in Harper Wilde

Meet the team that’s changing the landscape of women’s bras.

Dorm Room Fund
Jun 22, 2017 · 3 min read

Dorm Room Fund is excited to announce our investment in Harper Wilde, a direct-to-consumer eCommerce startup that’s changing the landscape of the women’s bra industry.

Ready to redefine a vertical of womenswear that has long been overcome by hyper-sexualized products and advertising, Harper Wilde seeks to empower women to take back the industry by providing thoughtfully designed, fairly-priced bras without the inconvenient in-store experience.

In short, bras are expensive and inconvenient to buy.

There are 4 major factors that contribute to this problem:

  1. Heavy Time Commitment: 1–3 hours to purchase bras
  2. Overwhelming Options: 250–300 styles
  3. In-Store Obstacles: Uncomfortably “hands-on” sales associates
  4. Unnecessarily High Cost: $50–75 per item

How is Harper Wilde tackling these problems?

  1. Free Home Try-On: Streamlined options and risk-free home try-ons.
  2. Thoughtful Designs: They’ve invested in the features women care about and dropped the unnecessary embellishments.
  3. Empowering Purpose: A portion of each purchase is donated to girls’ education to support the next generation of women.

By building a humorous brand (check out their hilarious product video here) that offers simple core styles, affordable pricing at $35/bra, and a convenient in-home shopping experience, Harper Wilde is empowering women everywhere.

Why DRF invested

At Dorm Room Fund, we love finding founders who can’t imagine a world without their product existing. When you care deeply about a problem and are uncomfortable with the world not having a solution, the best thing you can do is solve it yourself. You’ll have a great understanding of your customer, and you’ll be far more passionate about wanting to build a great company.

However, a great problem isn’t the only thing that’s important. A founder must understand how to solve problems for more than just themselves, and truly understand how to build a great product that resonates with large communities and audiences.

With Jenna Kerner (Co-CEO, Wharton MBA ’17) and Jane Fisher (Co-CEO, Wharton MBA ‘17), we were confident that they were solving a major pain point that they believe is absolutely needed in this world, and have the talent and grit to turn their vision into a reality that solves a problem for many.

Jenna Kerner (left) and Jane Fisher (right), Co-CEOs of Harper Wilde.

The two co-CEO’s have a great understanding of what their customer needs, and they back this up by constantly iterating their product with feedback from their audience. They’ve ran multiple tests to determine the demand of their product, and have received amazing validation each time. In April 2016, designing their own bras, they ran a pop-up shop trial to understand actual purchase behavior for bras and what women want. This led to 40% conversions of the 50+ women that stopped by, and a single email push to their community of 125+ women received a 60% conversion for preorders.

From attracting amazing team members, advisors, and supporters to constantly iterating on their brand and vision, we’ve seen the true talent and resourcefulness of both Jenna and Jane.

The DRF team is more than thrilled to have them join the strongest community of student entrepreneurs around the country, and we can’t wait to see Harper Wilde take off like a rocket ship.

As of yesterday, that rocket ship has officially taken off — they’ve now publicly launched their store. If you want to join the movement and #LiftUpTheLadies, check out their selection here and follow them on Instagram & Facebook to stay up to date on the company’s products. If you haven’t already, check out their hilarious video and share it with your friends!

Dorm Room Fund is dedicated to supporting student founders across the country and helping them reach new heights. Working on a startup? Get in touch on twitter or here. If you’re interested in keeping up to date with DRF, signup for our newsletter here.

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