Announcing the DRF Community Job Board!

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At Dorm Room Fund, the resources we provide founders extend beyond capital. We are committed to helping our community companies access the resources, connections, and mentorship they need in order to take their idea to the next level. Portfolio support is an integral part of our mission to support excellent student founders across the nation, so we recently reached out to our founders to find out what they need help with.

Hiring is the hardest and most time-consuming thing early founders do. And in this crazy talent market, it’s all the more grueling. First Round found that the average founder dedicates 50% of their time to the task and some of our community companies were spending upwards of 20 hours a week on recruiting! We hear you!

Luckily, we have a network of partners spanning +20 universities, all overflowing with exceptional talent ready to roll up their sleeves and gain valuable experience building super cool things at an early stage start-up. University talent is a largely untapped resource, but Dorm Room Fund is here to help.

We’re thrilled to introduce the DRF Community Job Board, created to help connect exceptional university talent with DRF community companies that are actively hiring for part-time or full-time positions. Internships often times grow into full-time positions at our community companies. The DRF Community Job Board features all of the openings at our active portfolio companies.

Students are clamoring for the opportunity to get in early at Dorm Room Fund community companies. These companies have gone on to accomplish impressive feats, like the first SEC approved token offering and the launch of the first commercial SAR satellite by a U.S. company, and are currently working to create high impact change, building tools to defend electionsand biosensors that prevent food waste. Our community companies have also raised over $700M in follow-on investments from top VCs, creating over $1.6B in enterprise value! Don’t take our word for it though, listen to what current DRF investment partner, Alex Chen, had to say about his summer internship with community company, C.Light Technologies:

“Working with C. Light has given me a first-hand look at early-stage entrepreneurship and has helped me to get more comfortable with the ambiguity and uncertainty inherent in the work of early stage ventures. Moreover, as someone who spent a lot of time as a medical patient in my youth, I am thrilled by the opportunity to contribute to a venture that aims to improve care for millions of patients.”

- Alex Chen, New York Investment Partner

At Dorm Room Fund, we’ve funded over 275 student-led startups, helping them to build their version of the future. Now we’re ready to help these companies leverage the vast talent at universities nationwide. Enough said. Check it out!

For questions on The DRF Community Job Board, please reach out to Justine Humenansky at justine or Olivia Zhang at

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Built by students and powered by @FirstRound, we provide our founders with a strong network of investors, access to world-class mentors, and a $20,000 check.

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