Conversational Discovery — Why We Funded Ursa

Meet the team that’s transforming how teams gain and communicate insights from conversations.

Dorm Room Fund
Jan 22, 2018 · 3 min read

Dorm Room Fund is excited to announce our investment in Ursa, a Cornell Tech-founded enterprise startup providing a better way for teams to discover and collaborate on insights gleaned from conversations. Enabled by recent advances in AI and speech technologies, their product automatically converts spoken conversations into interactive transcripts, enabling teams to effortlessly record and bookmark key moments during the conversation for later recall, synthesis, and sharing. Workflows that used to be siloed and mis-communicated now sync seamlessly in the Ursa platform for teams and their stakeholders to apply to decision-making.

Ursa originally began as an academic partnership with Frog Design, a top design research and strategy firm, where the team probed into the researchers’ pain point of extracting insights from user interviews efficiently under time pressure. However, the team soon realized that this pain point of ‘Conversational Discovery’ existed at many other organizations and could be solved at scale — and Ursa was born. The company formally spun out of Cornell Tech’s Master’s program as a winner of the university’s Startup Award in May 2017.

Ursa is sparking a new paradigm in Conversational Discovery that has diverse applications for customer-facing teams, as well as in the recruiting, legal, and medical sectors where high-volume and high-value conversations are fundamental drivers. We’re excited to be supporting their mission and look forward to building the future of Conversational Discovery with them.

Record, transcribe, and tag conversations in the field
Sort and re-live key moments from your conversation
Identify and synthesize your insights collaboratively
Communicate your insights to diverse stakeholders

Why DRF Invested

We first got to know Ursa through a direct relationship with Vince and Gabe during their product studio experience at Cornell Tech. We spent the first few months getting to know Gabe and Vince, and were incredibly impressed by how thoughtful, organized, and diligent they were, and how they always seemed to have their finger on the pulse of this emerging sector. Over the summer they launched paid pilots with Frog Design and The New York Times, both of which led to follow-on pilot engagements. With these sorts of large players help to validate the existence of a true pain point, we knew we had to become a part of what they were building.

Since DRF’s investment, the company has joined Newark Ventures Partners in its third accelerator cohort, added members to its full-time team, and secured numerous other committed partners for its beta — including Plated, Moment Design, and the School of Visual Arts.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Gabe, Vince, and the entire Ursa team join the DRF family.

Learn more about Ursa’s beta, their plans for the future, or just say hello at

Dorm Room Fund is dedicated to supporting student founders across the country and helping them reach new heights. Working on a startup? Get in touch on twitter or here. If you’re interested in keeping up to date with DRF, signup for our newsletter here.

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