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Applications are open!

Join the Dorm Room Fund Team 2019!

Dorm Room Fund
Aug 26, 2019 · 5 min read

This is the application for Dorm Room Fund’s investment teams in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. To apply to our remote HQ team as a marketing, engineering, or design partner, please go here.

Hi. We’re Dorm Room Fund — the best way for student founders to grow their startup and we want you to apply to join our growing team. Check out the application here.

Built by students and powered by First Round, Dorm Room Fund provides founders with a strong network of investors and operators, world-class mentors, and a $20,000 founder-friendly check.

We’ve been around for nearly 7 years and here’s where we‘ve been up to lately:

⚡️ We’ve invested in 275+ student-led startups that have gone on to raise $500M+ in follow on funding from Andreessen Horowitz , First Round, Sequoia, Union Square Ventures, and more.

⚡️ We doubled down on Dorm Room Fund by hiring our new CEO Molly Fowler and COO Chauncey Hamilton.

⚡️ In the past year, we launched Female Founders Track and Blueprint Project in San Francisco and New York, aimed at supporting and mentoring diverse founders.

⚡️ We continue to expand our initiatives to support our community companies, including launching a DRF Community Job Board this month, aimed at helping our founders identify and hire the best talent.

⚡️ We’ve delivered the best-in-class entrepreneurship and VC education to our student partners and helped them build successful startups, launch venture funds, and land careers at places like First Round, Floodgate, Sequoia, KPCB, the White House, Dropbox, Google, and more.

Who Are We?

We have 5 teams — Bay Area, Boston, NYC, Philly, and our remote HQ team — with over 50 total partners across the nation. Our team members come from all different backgrounds, from researchers to technologists, to writers, to professional ballerinas.

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DRF partners and alumni at #AllDRF 2019

Who Are We Missing?

To get a better understanding of what you’d do as a Partner, here’s what our day-to-day looks like:

  • We meet with student founders to discuss their startups. Sometimes these student founders are at our school, sometimes we travel to events to meet them, or jump on a Zoom.
  • We research markets and technologies to better evaluate the companies we partner with and invest in.
  • We hold weekly investment meetings where we listen to pitches, engage in discussion, and make investment decisions.
  • We write checks — we give every company we fund a check for $20,000 on an uncapped SAFE and access to our community resources.
  • We meet with our community company founders regularly and help them learn the ins and outs of fundraising, launch strategy, growth, and hiring. In addition, we connect them with world-class advisors, investors, and mentors to help them solve their key challenges.
  • We host events, talks, and dinners both internally at DRF and for the larger student entrepreneurship community.
  • We speak at and host entrepreneurship events at our schools, and we tend to be judges at pitch competitions and hackathons.

We’re looking for new partners to join the Dorm Room Fund investment teams in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and the Bay Area.

  • Demonstrated interest in supporting entrepreneurs and passionate peers. You’re an active member of an entrepreneurship club, a related organization, or a startup at your school and are engaged with the startup community at your university or beyond.
  • Passion for entrepreneurship and curiosity about new technology.You have an understanding of what’s happening in tech and VC or are eager to learn more about this space, you love learning about new technology, and/or some experience working with startups or in venture.
  • Confidence in your beliefs. You’re always looking for themes, analyzing trends, and thinking critically about the future. You enjoy sparking discussion and sharing your viewpoints.You are open-minded and inclusive of diverse perspectives and opinions.
  • Initiative. You have ideas for how you’re going to improve Dorm Room Fund and student entrepreneurship in your community and are excited to put them in action. You’re execution-oriented and pumped to build a community with an awesome team.

Our partners spend 10+ hours a week running Dorm Room Fund. It’s a serious commitment, but it’s also a ton of fun and a world-class learning experience. As a member of Dorm Room Fund, you’ll graduate with hands-on venture experience, cross-industry startup knowledge, and most importantly, be part of a national community of talented entrepreneurs and investors. Our alumni have gone on to do amazing work — from raising millions in funding for their own startups to launching their own venture firms.

We welcome students of all backgrounds to apply. You could be a freshman majoring in philosophy or a PhD student studying artificial intelligence. As long as you’re a full-time student graduating 2020 or later, you’re invited to apply to join the Dorm Room Fund team.

💥APPLY HERE to join the team as an Investment Partner 👆👆

We’re also looking for the best and the brightest marketers, writers, designers, and engineers to join our decentralized HQ team.

🔥 APPLY HERE to join the team as an Engineer, Designer, Marketer, or Head of Content 🔥

Applications open on August 26th. Deadlines to apply are:

  • Philadelphia: Sunday, Sept. 15th at 11:59PM
  • NYC: Friday, Sept. 20th at 11:59PM
  • Boston: Sunday, Sept. 29th at 11:59PM
  • San Francisco: Saturday, Oct. 5th at 11:59PM

Applications are rolling, which means the sooner you apply, the sooner you’ll hear back.

Questions? E-mail us at or comment below. We’ll continue to update our FAQs.

Looking forward to seeing your application!

Love, The Dorm Room Fund Team

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