LearnLux: Online Financial Education Platform

Screen shot of a lesson landing page, courtesy of LearnLux.

We’re excited to announce that we have invested in online financial education platform, LearnLux.

When we first met with the sibling co-founders, Rebecca and Michael Liebman, we were impressed by their focused and unique approach on educating millennials in the space of financial literacy. As students and investors in their target age group, we were incredibly excited about their mission. LearnLux stands out from other money management platforms by educating people on big financial decisions such as paying off student debt, building credit, and opting into a retirement account, all free for its users. LearnLux provides an educational, objective platform that empowers you to take control of your financial future.

Millennials are afraid to invest, and that’s a huge problem. A national survey conducted by BankRate reports that only 26% of Americans under 30 years old have invested in the stock market due to a lack of education and trust. In addition, financial institutions spend immense amounts of money trying to convince young people to open financial management accounts but do not know how to reach them. LearnLux hopes to bridge that gap by bringing new clients to brokerage firms and incentivize users by paying them a percentage of the revenue for opening accounts. This approach differentiates LearnLux from other money and investment management tools built for people that already understand the space by providing a solution tailored to educating and connecting young people to the resources they need to step into financially literate adulthood.

We’ve decided to invest not only because of the innovative approach the company has taken to tackle the current gap in financial literacy among young people, but also because of the passion and focus that the LearnLux team brings to the table. The Liebmans make the perfect duo to tackle this problem with Michael’s passion for finance and Rebecca’s devotion to educating her peers. We are very excited to partner with LearnLux to help refine their product, scale up their user base, and sign up more partner brokerage firms. Stay tuned by following @LearnLux.