Welcoming DribbleUp to the Dorm Room Fund family!

Dorm Room Fund is excited to announce our new investment in DribbleUp, a smart sports equipment company that sells app-enabled basketballs to make training exciting and effective. They’re working to build a multi-sport platform for trainers, athletes, and influencers to publish interactive training content to all their players and followers.

DribbleUp bundles a game-ready basketball with a smartphone app that tracks and analyzes your performance using your smartphone camera and patented computer vision algorithms.

Meet co-founders (and brothers) Marc and Eric Forkosh

Marc is an undergraduate business student at Baruch College, and as a basketball enthusiast and former student athlete, he has a deep understanding of the sports consumer market. Eric is a recent graduate of The Cooper Union and brings to the table a ton of technical expertise in software and electrical engineering. Eric is also a Dorm Room Fund alum and was formerly a partner on the New York investment team.

Our team was incredibly impressed by Marc and Eric’s ability to build a highly technical product, establish distribution channels, and gain early traction through targeted customer acquisition. We’re excited to partner with DribbleUp as they expand across a growing market.

Purchase a DribbleUp smart basketball on their website here.

Follow DribbleUp on Instagram here and like them on Facebook here.

If you’re interested in learning more about DribbleUp’s tech specs, you can find extended press coverage here:

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