~a song for each sign~

(listen here)

AQUARIUS: aquemini / outkast

“my mind warps and bends, floats the wind…”

visionary, cerebral, nihilistic

PISCES: intro (leaving) / spooky black

“girl why the fuck you playing we were meant to be”

effusive, wavy, devastating

ARIES: queen b@#$H / lil’ kim

“while you struggle and strive, we pick which benz to drive”

vain, combative, ruthless

TAURUS: dancing on my own / robyn

“does she love you better than i can?”

possessive, devoted, persistent

GEMINI: 212 / azealia banks

“i’ma ruin you cunt”

restless, witty, vitriolic

CANCER: i know it’s a good thing / shamir

“i didn’t want to put my heart on the line”

cautious, moody, passionate

LEO: all eyez on me / tupac

“uhh, bitches pursue me like a dream”

solipsistic, boastful, theatrical

VIRGO: green light / beyoncé

“i’m immune, you can get no colder”

pragmatic, icy, flawless

LIBRA: beautiful object / glass candy

“real love a golden rarity”

luxurious, ethereal, melodramatic

SCORPIO: hotline bling / drake

“all i do is wonder if you’re bendin’ over backwards for someone else”

perceptive, resentful, horny

SAGITTARIUS: bag girls / m.i.a.

“don’t go screaming if i blow you with a bang”

ambitious, bold, grandiose

CAPRICORN: everything in its right place / radiohead

“yesterday i woke up sucking on a lemon”

serious, controlled, understated