Guarding Intellectual Property Against Unauthorized Distribution With Help from the DMCA

Many businesses today focus on selling digital products, and that can be rewarding. Whether the product in question is a digital book or a piece of software that is distributed only online, however, piracy will almost always be an issue.

Guarding against this threat can seem almost impossible to those who fail to seek out the right type of help. On the other hand, working with a service like the one based online at often proves to be all that it takes to rule this concern out for good.

A Powerful, Effective Tool for Preventing Unauthorized Distribution of Digital IP

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, was a landmark piece of legislation that established important protections for the owners of intellectual property rights. By creating a legal safe harbor that allows Internet hosts to escape liability for unauthorized distribution conducted by their users, the DMCA struck a suitable balance between responsibility and freedom.

The cornerstone of the DMCA is a process by which owners of intellectual property or their authorized representatives can demand that particular pieces of content be taken down. A host that fails to respond appropriately can become subject to fines and other sanctions, while one that complies will escape any associated liability.

When used appropriately, the DMCA has proven to be an effective tool for protecting the rights of those who create digital content. On the other hand, many such businesses and individuals have found that working through the process personally can be difficult.

Better Ways of Finding and Taking Down Unauthorized Digital Products

Services like the one at put an end to this common dilemma. By taking on the difficult, specialized work of finding sites where intellectual property might be illegitimately hosted, they can cut down greatly on the difficulties normally associated with the DMCA process.

Such services are also typically far better positioned than are rights holders themselves to carry out such efforts effectively and accurately. However significant or superficial the level of infringement might be, they have the skills and capabilities needed to ensure success. As a result, simply working with such a service often proves to be all that it takes to enjoy the full protection afforded by the DMCA.

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