The Top 5 Apple SDKs of 2015

In my latest article for @programmableweb, we go through the top 5 Apple SDKs of 2015

Apple has had a busy 2015: It has not only evolved its existing SDKs, but added new SDKs to support new platforms. Late last year, Apple announced the Apple Watch, along with a preliminary WatchKit SDK. This year, at WWDC, Apple released its much-promised, more fully fleshed out iteration of WatchKit, renamed watchOS.

Apple also announced ResearchKit, an open-sourced initiative to garner big data for medical research and advances. This year also saw the release of the new Apple TV, which has finally been opened up to third-party developers. Under the tvOS framework, Apple TV sports a new hardware and operating system, with the software giant hoping the developer community can now do for the Apple TV what it has done for iOS.

Apple has continued the trend of engaging more with its developer community — for one thing, by open sourcing Swift. Stating its intent back at WWDC, the company has finally followed through on its promise.

Apple has also updated iOS to Version 9, introducing a whole bunch of new SDK gems, from force touch/3D touch on both OSX and iOS, true split-screen multitasking, deep linking through Search API, and more. Apple’s acquired TestFlight distribution platform also gained some valuable updates. We will go through all of the big SDK changes from Apple this year, starting with its prodigy language, Swift.

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