Jedi Knights: Graceful Even When Fighting Is Unavoidable
Rodrigo Pipoli

LOL, I too saw Episode I before the Origional trilogy, not because I thought it was boring, but because I was not even born then. I was like 4 months old when Ep I came out, so I didn’t watch it then. The same goes for Ep II and III. In 2008. I saw Star Wars: The Clone Wars and fell in love with the characters. I wanted to learn more, so I asked my dad about SW and he told me about the movies :) I started with Ep I and finished with Ep VI, and after watching it I said to my father that I liked the preguels more. He gave me this look that said : ”Are you crazy?” But I really loved it more, and I still love it. I fight for the preguels on SW websites and youtubes videos, and it makes me sad to see how people appreaciate SW for what it is: An amazing universe of six great movies, hundreds of comics, books and action figures, and of course The clone Wars, and Clone wars :)