My Uniform Makes Me Sick (Part Two)
Heather Poole

Dear Heather

I know this story very well.I have had severe multiple chemical sensitivity for 6 years now.I have had genetic testing and am missing a gene that has to do with detoxing chemicals.You are reacting to the chemicals in these uniforms….I cannot get near most clothes,shoes and many products made in China due to all the chemicals they use during storing/shipping etc.Formaldehyde,pesticides etc.Totally toxic products coming out of China and the USA has no laws regarding toxicity in the most Toxic products come here!For example, I bought a winter coat from Lands End,Made in China…No way, had to send it back.It had the most horrible chemical stink !Over the past years clothing has become so toxic.The more you expose yourself the more sensitive you will become to all chemicals.Also, the thyroid is the first organ to be damaged by chemicals.The same happened to me…

There is Dr Rea in Dallas he runs The Enviromental Health Center..he would be able to help you…..So sorry this has happened to you and your co-workers…

Even the ones that are not reacting are still being exposed to toxic chemicals…..Not Okay for anyone….

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