My reflections on the Life Accelerator- London Real

My feelings about the Life Accelerator are best expressed by referring to Newtons first law of physics which states :

‘An object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity unless acted upon by a force.’

I was feeling stuck in certain areas of my life. The Life Accelerator gave me a kick up the rear end and got the momentum and energy moving again. What sets this course apart from other trainings are the practical assignments and the accountability you give to yourself and others for your actions and inactions. In order for it to ‘work ‘so to speak, YOU need to do the work.

Each module provides you with a set of tools and tactics to enhance a certain area of your life. Over the weeks the effects of those practices compound so by the end of the course you’ll establish new positive habits and experience a change in mindset , I know I have. Everyone will get something different out of this course but you WILL observe a positive change in your daily habits as a result of doing this course if you put the work in.

Whatever your position in life there’s always room for improvement and this course will prepare you and lay the foundation for any future endeavour whether personal or professional. I highly recommend it .