Craigslist Ads //

I created several Craigslists ads and posted them in cities across the country. This untraditional marketing strategy allowed me to let loose a little with the text and experiment.

Mindful Art — $55

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Be present. What do you see? Blankness? A blank wall?!? That blank wall in your condo that has been driving you crazy since you signed your lease? Now imagine a piece of truly spectacular art for less cash than a yoga mat. Open your third eye and transport your aura over to THEPOSTERS.CO and begin filling your yurt, oh, we mean condo, with art. Namaste.

Art That Gives Back — $55

We make the world more joyful, one poster at a time. For every poster sold, we donate 10% to help fund art classes for underserved kids. Snatch up the perfect poster for your home while making sure kids can keep painting, dancing, acting, creating, and truly experiencing the joyfulness of artistic expression. See our carefully curated selections of posters at thepostersDOTco! Custom framing available too.

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