Since When is Napoleon Hill a Cartoon?

For the majority of us, we’ve either heard about, seen something about, or are studying the teachings of Napoleon Hill.

The Book, Think and Grow Rich, was written way back forever ago in 1937. It has been utitlized, over and over by many, not just in Home Business Industry.

BUT…. and I AM EXCITED to share…..

Napoleon Hill video versions for Children in Cartoon format!!

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Excerpt from webpage “For those who are not familiar with the principles in Think and Grow Rich, the book was written during the great depression, and ultimately helped millions of adults succeed during this time.

Napoleon Hill was known for his lectures on success, and had many other books published during his lifetime. One of his goals was to teach these principles to the younger generation in such a way that their lives would benefit from his knowledge so greatly that they would receive phenomenal results consisting of success, health, happiness, and wealth.

Napoleon Hill died before he could create a plan to teach these success principles to children, and we want to continue his teachings so he can live on for generations to come!

We believe the principles taught in Napoleon Hill’s book are so vital for children because a surprising number of children in our society and around the world grow up without being taught value, self-worth, determination, and much more of the important information that it often takes to become successful.

When we speak of success, we don’t just mean monetary success.

We also mean happiness, health, and self-value. We believe these principles, if taught in a way that children can relate to, will literally change our society, and will give children the tools needed to help them know they are capable of anything great. While we are not in any way trying to take away from the importance of schools, we feel this information is extremely valuable since it is not taught in public school systems.”

Having grown up with a different set of guidance, I find the teachings in this book valuable, not only for the adult, but more importantly for the child.

It will be on my Granddaughter’s video shelf when it is released to the public for purchase, and I hope you see the life-long value and purchase it as well for your Children and Grandchildren.


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Originally published at on March 9, 2015.

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