It’s not a problem to have (no) plans

We all have aspirations, we all want to get things done, we all want to go places. Making plans keeps us moving forward, even when we feel we’re just walking in circles on a depressively flat path. I like to think of plans as sticky notes. We put them somewhere visible to remind us of something that we might forget at any time. A little piece of fluorescent paper with bold capital letters, highlighted and underlined. A mental note with wise words and quotes to occasionally answer questions such as “why am I here?”, “why am I doing this?” and “what’s the meaning of life?”

No, I did not become a guru. But I do know that those mental notes won’t stick around for long. Eventually, those meaningful words will blur themselves out, and the answers to the same questions will change. You might even close your eyes, hold your breath and try hard to remember what they were, but — trust me — they are long gone, and so is that old version of you. People, dreams, plans. Everything is constantly changing.

So, no, it’s not a problem to have plans and watch them materialize, transform or even shatter themselves right before our eyes. But it’s also not a problem to have no plans at all.

Being a person with no plans does not mean that you’re lost and without perspective. It doesn’t mean you’re walking on the wrong path. It actually means that every path you take is the right path to whichever opportunities you might encounter.

After all, what lies in the palm of our hands is not the certainty of the future as we would like it to be, but the choice of how to deal with the present as it unfolds.

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