Missing Him

Thinking out loud

Have you ever missed someone and secretly hoped they missed you too? Or at least wondered about it? I have. I don’t want to be the only one doing the missing.

I want to know if I made a difference in their day, or the way they added me to their daily ritual. I really wonder. . .

does me miss me
I’m sure that he does
He has to think of me
Every once in a while think of

The time we spent
On the phone
While at work
Or at home

Surely he misses me
Cause I miss him too
When I’m happy, sad
Lonely or blue

Does he dream about me
Or make plans in his head
Does he wish for my presence
Or search online for me instead

I surely hope so
For it implies I made an impact
I hope I’m ingrained in his head
Or rather his heart; I’d like that

Now that, that would make me smile. At least for a while. Would that be enough for you? Or would there be something else you’d choose?