Steps I took before starting to playtest my board game

In my previous article — “Let the (board) games begin!” — I talked about the ideation process for my first board game.

Having an idea you believe in is great, but bringing it to life is the real challenge. To do so, you must playtest your game, which means playing your game with different groups of people, understand what works and what‘s broken, getting feedback, making changes and testing again (and again… and again…).

For you to make the best out of your playtests, you should come prepared.

Let’s review how I prepared for this process.

Create an alpha version

After I came up…

How my worst playtests turned out to be my best

“Playtesting is a super-duper-hyper-important part of board game design.”

— said every board game designer EVER.

Playtesting my game — Cube Monster

Playtesting is the process of testing your game with a group of people. It is during playtests when you understand what works well in your game and what’s fun, but also what’s confusing and what’s frustrating. In playtests, you balance your game and fine-tune your game’s mechanics. With each test, you try new approaches to solve the different problems and bugs in your game. And how can you find these problems and bugs in the first place, you ask? By playtesting (dah…).

Playtesting can…

How I came up with the idea for my first board game

I have always enjoyed playing board games. Getting together with a few friends, opening a box, setting the game up on the table and it’s on!

Like many, I started with classics like Talisman, Risk, and Settlers of Catan. In fact, I enjoyed playing these games so much that I decided to create a game of my own.

In this article, I will walk you through my process from the moment I decided to create a board game, to the point where I understood that I have an idea worth pursuing.

Starting! And getting nowhere…

So about three years ago, I decided that I…

Dor Sakal

Director of Product @ IronSource by day, and guitar playing, penguin-loving, board game enthusiast by night.

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