Developing IncrediBooth Video

It’s here! We’ve been working on a new app for the last six months (and especially heads down since the holiday) and I’m really excited to release this to the world. Introducing IncrediBooth Video, an all-new app that creates unique video photo strips especially designed for the increasingly popular Stories format.

There’s lots of marketing details you can read about on the App Store and website, but for this post I wanted to share a little bit more in-depth detail on the development of the app, from Hipstamatic’s co-founder as well as the primary engineer of this app: me!

The Photo Strip in it’s native habitat: Long and Skinny

Take something old and make it new again

We’ve made a number of different apps since Hipstamatic, but it feels like this one is the most true to our original ethos: take something old and make it new again. We made the original version of IncrediBooth over 5 years ago (just after iPhone 4 launched with the first front-facing camera on an iPhone). I love the idea of being able to shoot photo strips anywhere, but the format was always troublesome to share digitally. A long skinny photo just doesn’t translate well anywhere, and while the app was popular during its time it was never as shareable as other formats. Being genuine to the source format made my inner nostolgic self happy, but because we weren’t printing these strips they were hard to share and get much traction with social media posts.

Putting together the pieces

Then last year we noticed (along with everyone else) that the Story format was exploding. Partially with Instagram adopting it and also coming from the growing desire of people to post more ephemeral content, it was becoming the way a lot of us preferred to share socially. Or at least a place with less friction to share to; having content that was not timeline-worthy could still be Story-worthy.

Also Live Photos were starting to become more interesting. Facebook now lets you upload them natively, and things such as the “boomerang” format have and continue to be popular. It’s an easy way to make somewhat boring content more interesting, and also adds context to a moment. It’s also non-intrusive by being brief and typically silent (at least by default), and its brevity makes it quick to share and be enjoyed.

Video Photo Strips!

So all these pieces were floating around and waiting for us to connect the dots. How do you make a photo strip more shareable in the current social space, and how to make that content more interesting and desireable to be shared? Our solution is a video photo strip, which combines a bunch of different technology and fits right into a format that is popular and shareable. And of course beecause we love the tactile experince and reference to nostolgic relics of photography’s past, we baked it all into an analog photo booth experience.

We’re pretty proud of the result, and have been looking forward to sharing it with the world. Let me know what you think!

IncrediBooth Video is available now on the App Store.