Orientation Lock in Landscape Mode on iPhone

As all know well, the best thing in an ipad is you can use it while holding in landscape mode, lock the orientation and do whatever you dou.. However on an iPhone, its annoying that while you are texting someone, you lay down on a coach and screen rotates automatically. So while screen orientation in landscape, you lock the orientation and hope the screen will stay in that way. However the truth is not that simple. Screen orientation immediately changes to portrait mode instantaneously. So much annoying, right?

Found the solution! It’s a hack, that maybe apple will fix but until you can use this hack!

While the screen is in landscape mode, push power button and the screen goes off. Then click on home button or power button but do not enter password or swipe screen to unlock. Than open the tray and lock the orientation. Afterward unlock your screen and you will see that whatever app you are using will stay in landscape mode.

But every good thing has an end, and chatting your girlfriend on the landscape mode while lying down on a coach lasts when you press that home button.. You need to arrive that state from the beggining..

Good chatting all!

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