Woman wearing a protective face mask
Woman wearing a protective face mask
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With all the coronavirus upheaval of late, our work life has changed significantly over the past several weeks. From one week to the next, we experienced drastic changes in federal, state, and local government responses. Many of us began working from home for the first time, business as usual changed in creative ways to accommodate our customer base, while others tragically were laid off.

Gradually our isolation increased, and the uncertainty we experienced became ever more challenging as we read and watched the news, learning the nuances of the virus spread, false positives, re-infection, and unsettling neurological symptoms. With business closures and social distancing guidelines, we adapted. We were schooled on statistical modeling and learned about flattening the curve. …

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It is a false assumption that the office mom is relegated to making coffee, circulating birthday cards, and coordinating office parties when in reality an office mom is much more than that if that at all.

It is inaccurate to label every working woman tasked to perform “office housework” as an office mom. In reality, the office mom is much more than that, if that at all.

In this world resonating with the mantra of women supporting women, why is there such a negative connotation associated with the Office Mom? …

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Avoid missteps and faux pas to enjoy the Halloween Party at work.

It’s October. So, you know what that means, right? This month you have a day entirely dedicated for you to assume another identity (or maybe two or three) if you factor in the weekend prior. Beyond the myriad of social events and contests around town, chances are relatively high that your office or shared work space, is hosting a Halloween Party too.

Before you say, “I don’t dress up for those,” I must ask, “Why the hell not”? I never quite understand why people don’t. …


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