I love seeing posts like this. Thank you, Hugo.
Alex Johnson

Thanks for the kind words Alex, I really appreciate it!

A list view is a great idea for another test. We debated ‘known’ vs ‘exploring’ at YourGrocer quite a lot, and in my user research there I found that there was a spectrum of usage from our customers. Nobody did it the same way, but I did find some patterns:

  • Some would only want to browse the products they had already ordered from a range of vendors, and used search for finding any unknown items.
  • Others would want to browse via vendor because they were familiar with the shop and wanted to ‘walk the aisles’.
  • Yet more customers wanted to only browse the lowest priced produce and would build a completely new order every time.

The challenge from a layout perspective was- how do we address all of these user needs without cluttering the interface up?

I think a switchable list view would be worth exploring because a ‘tabular’ view would make filtering and sorting interactions make a lot more sense than they would with a ‘card’ interface. Definitely something to test in the future.

Thanks again for your response!