Why I changed my Slackbot’s name

Do. Listen. Learn. Do it again.

I live with a burning passion to help people. Whether it be to help accomplish things, or to have fun. This passion I have intersects with my love for technology, and with both, I find fulfillment.

My approach in life generally involves pushing the envelope. At times I’ve been known to be a bit of a rule breaker. But no matter how I maneuver in life, I let my heart lead the way.

I also pride myself on my empathy and compassion for others. This is my greatest strength, and my greatest weakness.

My intentions when I created my Slackbot were to make something fun with personality. Perhaps I created too much personality. And even though the negative reactions to my bot have been minimal, the thought of knowing that just one person is negatively impacted by something I’ve created is enough to motivate me to make change.

Without further ado, i’d like to introduce V2, Hey Taco! With this iteration I’ve not only changed his name, but I’ve also included some improvements to the noise he was creating in channels. Now some reactions are sent via DM, rather than in the channels.

If you have any comments or questions, lets taco ‘bout it @dosberg.