Gratitude #01

I’m experimenting with everyday rituals and rhythms for a slower life, having bought a lovely little book by Brooke McAlary from a gorgeous independent bookshop in St Ives while on holiday there. (You can get this book and thousands of others from Hive online and support your favourite independent bookshop, including St Ives Bookseller.)

My previous attempts to practice gratutide daily have never lasted very long. As I try again, I thought I’d see if I can cultivate a habit of sharing some of the things I notice and am grateful for. The beautiful 6 minute film below is really inspiring if you are drawn towards the idea of practicing gratitude.

After a tranquil holiday in Cornwall, this week I was excited to be back in Dudley and Birmingham, spending time with the talented, caring people I work alongside. I was given big lovely hugs. I heard about how much our Lab Team members value and respect each other’s skills, talents and contributions during one-to-one reflective discussions about our work. I was offered practical, timely and thoughtful support and encouragement by Nick Booth and my organisation’s Chief Officer.


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