I decided to share my annual training budget

Last Wednesday morning I was eating breakfast and idly scrolling through my Medium feed. A post by Lloyd Davis caught my eye. Lloyd explained that he’s facilitating a conference in Birmingham on 20 January and rather than rush up and back down again, he’d wanted to take the opportunity to do something else around Brum and was looking for help. He suggested to his readers:

“have a quick think (and maybe look at the video below about what I do) and let me know if it sparks mutually beneficial ideas”

I followed his instructions and it did!

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. This week we’ve been creating an Inspiration Lab in Dudley (thanks to the fantastic ideas, time, paint, talents and skills of 15+ wonderful people, so far, and Active Citizens funding which will contribute to the rent). I planned to launch Co-Working Wednesdays in the Inspiration Lab on 18 January, and thought it would be pretty special if we kicked off with a chance to chat with an expert in collaboration, community building, co-working and Tuttle. Lloyd was up for it.

I thought it was important to pay for his expertise and time. Staff in Dudley CVS are able to access a small individual training budget each year, which I’ve tended to treat as a learning budget and have used it for all sorts of things as well as formal training. I thought what better way to use my budget than share it with anyone interested in learning the same kinds of things as me. I hope quite a few people from a range of organisations might like to join an informal chat with Lloyd. And perhaps afterwards apply our learning together. Lloyd will be here on the afternoon of Wedneday 18 January and has offered to:

  • share his experience of community-based creative collaboration
  • enourage and hopefully inspire people
  • help us think through any issues that are coming up
  • suggest potential links with other work he is aware of

Check out the video below for an idea of what Lloyd gets up to. If you’d like to join us, whether for half an hour or the whole afternoon, I’d appreciate you popping your name and email address in the Eventbrite registration.