A tale of two apple farms

The organic dilemma

Hi… I am the brand manager for .ORGANIC, the new domain extension available exclusively to organic companies, services and those who support the community as a whole. In developing this concept, we really had to take a hard look at what drives the organic consumer.

We found that the greatest challenge to the industry is consumer confusion. It isn’t just the inundation with buzz words like “natural”, “sustainable”, “healthy” and “green”, but also new intra-community concepts like “beyond organic”.

Frankly, consumers are baffled.

But the other point we found is that though many farmers are still shunning “the man”, consumers want convenience. Mothers want to shop while the kids are in school, and not on alternating Mondays and Thursdays at the local farmers market. One stop convenience.

This is both increasing and driving demand, but also diluting quality, by many accounts.

I like to believe in my own small way, I am helping both the anti-establishment farmer and the urban juicer to find one another through these trusted domains.

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