A young artist above style and beyond time

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Medina Kasimova works in a unique manner and doesn’t belong to any particular painting technique. The unique perception of the world and creativity of the young artist determine the originality of her art.

Like the best masters of Renaissance, Medina strives to convey not just the external resemblance in the portraits , but the internal state of a person, his character. Like the expressionists, the emotional component prevails in her work. As the masters of the early twentieth century, Medina uses color as a self-contained tool for expressing. “She does not refer to the coloristic experience of any other masters … in the history of art,” says the famous art critic Mikhail Kamensky about the work of Medina.

In 2018, Medina hosted a personal exhibition at the Multimedia Art Museum. The works that were presented carried a very bright and unique signature move of the author. They were like the works of Van Gogh — caught at first sight.

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Aidan Salakhova and Medina Kasimova

Today, as part of the EXTENSION project, you can see the work of Medina Kasimova. The exhibition “Extension.AZ: Velvet Confessions” presents fifteen leading young and recognized artists from Azerbaijan. The works of Medina aroused genuine interest from general public and became the object of attention of all selfie lovers.

The exhibition runs until January 19, 2020 at the Triumph Gallery at 3/8 Ilyinka Street, 5 (Moscow).

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