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If you are earning your money from Facebook as the primary source, it is certainly that traffic is vital for you. The traffic means how viral your posts are and whether you have chances to get profits from your posts. Online marketers always worry about this problem but with Facebook Viral Booster,

You don’t have to pay a big amount of money for like traffic.

You don’t need to waste money on Facebook advertising.

And you don’t need to be a marketing expert to solve this problem.

All you need to do is following three steps as instruction of this product, and your profits will grow up dramatically.

Overview of Facebook Viral Booster

You can scan some information about this product.

  • Product Creator: David G
  • Product Name: Facebook Viral Booster
  • Front-End Price: $97
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Niche: Video
  • Refund: 30 days
  • Verdict: 100% Legit!

Who is the author?

David G is a new author in the aspect of marketing. He has just had one product, named Xtractor 2.0 but this product is welcome from many marketers who used to buy it.

Facebook Viral Booster is the second creation of David G.

What is Facebook Viral Booster?

Facebook Viral Booster is a software which is known as a secret formula for business on social networks. Its function is supporting your sites with a massive amount of traffic from Facebook. It is a perfect tool for Affiliate Marketers, Social Media Managers, Business Owners, List Builders or Recruiters.

Some great features of Facebook viral Booster

First, you should remember that this tool is not a magic solution which can make your traffic increase sharply in just one second without any condition from your pages.

Growing up traffic is entirely natural, it’s the result of high-quality content which attracts your customers and makes them click to your site. The function of this app is raising your content’s quality through viral posts, photos or videos. You can see that it is a play-fair tool, so you don’t need about Google’s tool check.

Second, in my Facebook Viral Booster review, I have to admit that it is very easy for newbies and a perfect tool or experienced marketers. Because its instruction is very precious so if you are a beginner, you just need to follow these guides to get traffic. However, the tools in this app are very plentiful so you can get free traffic faster than other people if you have many experiences.

Third, a speed of growth of traffic is very high with Facebook Viral Booster, just a few seconds. Even more, people will watch your videos and your photos, like, comment and share your posts on fan pages than in the past. Therefore, you have more chances to lead your customers from Facebook fan pages to your money sites by clicking on the web.

Finally, this app will make magnetic posts for you on the Facebook, which can make your visitors pay their attention these post. This is a secret of this app.

What benefits can you get from Facebook Viral Booster?

  • Build large and relevant fan pages.

You will have an enormous number of visitors to your fan page and the figure of click to your web also can increase with this software.

  • Increase post reach and interactions.

More people will be attracted by your videos or your posts, and they will like, comment and share them. These activities will make your posts become more viral and more customers can know about your products. You don’t have to afford to advertise too much.

  • Quadruple Facebook video views.

One video is uploaded on the Facebook fan page may not have many views because your customers don’t have time to watch all videos in their newsfeed. However, Facebook Viral Booster will make your video more attractive to audiences.

  • Get free traffic to your site.

The final result is always traffic to your site. This app will convert visitors on the fan pages to the click to your site by its way, and visitors will become buyers. Of course, this traffic is totally free. You don’t need to waste your money anymore in paying for traffic.

Why should you buy it now?

The price of this secret is only $97 and limited to first 100 buyers. After these 100 lucky customers, the price will be increased so you should buy it now to have the lowest price.


My Facebook Viral Booster review is just my feeling about this product. I hope you will buy this app to have your own opinion with this product.

With the support of this software, you can become a successful marketer and get more profit than now from your site.

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