Psychokinesis Definition And Psychokinesis Training

Becker says that, besides that our network of processing the information there is a second form of network for processing the information, “an older one” = magnetic field. Dual nature of our mind and conscious can be explained analyzing carefully this pair of networks.

Serena Roney-Dougal, british parapsychologist, studied brain activity and its links with geomagnetism and other environmental variables. Her interest was especially on pineal gland. She discovered that this gland can guide our biological clock, interacting with other functions of the body. According to Becker’s studies, pineal gland is capable of detecting the intensity variations of the geomagnetic field, and these variations regulate the production of many neuroactive substances (such as melatonin) by the pineal gland. Lowering this substance can produce schizophrenia behaviors of the brain and affect visual images. It seems that geomagnetic field fluctuations “open us” towards parapsychological experiences or amplifies our receptivity towards what already exists. It was suggested that lowering the magnetic field intensity until the so called “noise without background”, allows that the parapsychological signal to be better received.

In case of psychokinesis, more frequent while magnetic field increases, it is possible that the increased intensity of the field to supply somehow the source of energy for the psychokinetic event or at least the “spark” that triggers the abilities. Even if these hypothesis aren’t well checked, the interest for the environment factors have an impact on PSI abilities is bigger and bigger.

Doing research on the way people react to electromagnetic fields produced by technology or geomagnetic field on the ground, answers will be found out to some questions about parapsychology. These data take part from a bigger study, where are included even more sciences towards the same idea, that we are connected through subtle energies, we are connected to life of the planet Earth and through it, to the entire Universe.

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