Your Hidden Treasure

When if I told you the trails you face in your life is your hidden treasure. Would you search and desire for it or wait and observe for whatever will happen? This blog was inspired by a devotion I did that opened my mind and heart to exercise in my life to seek my hidden treasure. I wanted to experiment and challenge you all to seek into your life trails to find your hidden treasure. This isn’t easy, maybe commenting your thoughts might help jump start your process.

We all know life trails will come and go throughout our entire life, but what we don’t know is how long is the trail and if we will survive the pain of the trail. Picture a trail like a storm, storms are unpredictable and planned to mess up your regular scheduled life, but storms can also produce maturity in you to help you grow. Every trail has a purpose, that purpose is for you to seek why there is a storm anyway, whether it is repetitive or new.

When going through a trail you must shift your mind while it is happening to find wisdom in your mind and heart to ease the situation. Remember, sometimes the mistakes that turned into trails probably wasn’t a mistake, maybe it was an experience to step you out of your comfort zone to make you grow stronger… ‘’What don’t kill you will make you stronger,’’ And that is you hidden treasure.- Your life trails might be a treasure you were looking for all along, So search and find your hidden treasure

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