Who has access to your data?

When you sign up for Dot Health, you — and only you — own and control your health data.

At Dot Health, we believe you should own your data. In our world, every person owns and controls their personal health dataset, able to review it on the go and share it with their family, loved ones, and doctors as they want and need.

For us, this belief goes hand in hand with another belief we hold dear: that no company should profit from selling your personal information. These beliefs may seem at odds with one another. How does a company with a service they give away to consumers make money if they aren’t selling your data or showing you ads?

We want you to know that only you can request, view, and share your data. When we collect your personal information (like your address and date of birth), we’re using it only to verify that you are who you say you are with your health care providers.

You own and control your data, not us

We sometimes get asked, “if you’re partnered with an institution, do they get access to everything that Dot Health pulls?”

The answer is unequivocally no. We won’t share your data with third parties in any form, even anonymized or aggregate data. When you sign up for Dot Health, you consent only to us gathering your data on your behalf. Period.

While we “pull” your data from health care providers to show you the data, we don’t “push” your data outside of the app. This means that the only way your data can be shared is if you — and only you — explicitly share your data.

Canadians have free access to their health records through the Dot Health platform.

Why we offer this service to Canadians for free

We envision a world where every individual is at the centre of their own care. The only way to achieve this is to give every individual the tools to “carry” their own health data with them, wherever they go.

How can we give people these tools? We believe the cost barrier must be removed at the individual level. Here’s why.

Health information should be accessible for all Canadians

Millions of Canadians have difficulty affording to meet their own and their family’s needs, let alone paying to access their personal health information. Unfortunately, access to data is often a necessity that many people can’t afford: when a person moves, rosters with a new doctor, or has a chronic illness and needs to manage several prescriptions, what they need is access. Access to their own lab results, records, and treatment plans. When they can’t afford this, their health outcomes are at higher risk.

Today, health data isn’t “liquid”

If you move to a new country, province, or even city, it might feel like you’re starting from scratch with your medical history. Your new doctor will request the usual lab work and collect your vitals over an initial visit or two. That will be the beginning of their health history of you.

But that isn’t your history. Whether you’re 12 or 80, you have an important and significant medical history. And that should come with you when you move and travel. Your doctor should have a holistic view of your health — and so should you.

The Dot Health standard: Never sacrificing privacy for transparency

Like many Canadians, we simply seek good health. In that pursuit, Canadians should never have to compromise their privacy. And neither will we.

We’re in your corner, and your privacy comes first. We firmly believe that only you should own and control your personal health information, and part of that ownership means that you decide who and when that data is shared. Our product is free, now and forever, and puts your privacy and wellbeing first.

Dot Health is a Toronto-based digital health company that believes health information belongs in the hands of its owner: you. Through our web and mobile app, we empower Canadians to own and control their health data from clinics, hospitals, labs, and pharmacies.

To sign up for Dot Health, download us on the App Store or Google Play, or visit my.dothealth.ca.