The Dothereum Parachain

May 25 · 2 min read

This article will be the first post of a series trying to outline the ideas behind the project and clarify what Dothereum will be, and what not. We want to thank the early support — we did not expect such a high interest — especially as we are currently on the initial research phase.

The Dothereum Space Odyssey.

What Dothereum will be

Dothereum will be a parallelized blockchain — a so-called “parachain” — and strives to be part of the Polkadot network at the genesis block launch. Like any other blockchain, it will come with a native token — $XTH — and own genesis block.

In its utility, Dothereum will act as a “parachain bridge network” to import Ethereum state and make it available within the Polkadot network. This approach is comparable to recent storage rent proposals for Ethereum 1.x. Dothereum will enable developers to request, import, and rent Ethereum state on the Dothereum parachain.

What Dothereum might become

The vision for Dothereum is promising, and it could become a unified interface for important legacy blockchains; think of “Dotbitcoin,” “Dotclassic,” or “Dotzcash.” This way, it could provide a standardized open-RPC interface for Web-3.0 browser plugins, light clients, and other user-facing applications. Additionally, it’s possible to become a relay chain for generalized parachain bridges in Polkadot 2.0.

The technology and tooling developed for Dothereum can become an open-source template for developers to run their custom smart contract parachains.

What Dothereum won’t be

Unlike claimed in various forums and articles, Dothereum will not be a fork of Ethereum. Dothereum does not intend to be an Ethereum competitor, or “killer.” Neither will it fork the actual blockchain nor the state. Ethereum is a crucial part of the Dothereum vision, and the underlying use-case heavily relies on the ability for developers to rent, and access the Ethereum state.

In the evolution of blockchains, Dothereum will be just another step in the development of decentralized-web and smart-contract platforms. It will not claim to provide the final solution, and the features provided should be considered highly experimental.

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Stay tuned for further updates. —The Dothereum Team.


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The permission-less, general-purpose, smart-contract parachain. Just like @ethereum but built on @polkadotnetwork.

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