A Visual Recap of 6 months of EOS Lynx development

Fred Krueger
Feb 8 · 3 min read

Jan 30 Auto Signing Live

Jan 25: Integration of Carbon ACH

Jan 23: Anouncing dGoods

Jan 18: Ram Buying on Lynx

Jan 16: Scatter Integration

Jan 16: Sports Betting On Lynx

Jan 12: QR Code Integration

Dec 19: Carbon fully integrated into Lynx

Dec 19: Crash Integrated into Lynx

Nov 30: NewDex live on Lynx

Nov 21: First DEX on Lynx (Findex)

Nov 8: New UI

Oct 22: DEX developed (and then dropped)

Oct 12: Lynx powers CIS tickets

Oct 1: New Lynx API

Sep 24: First dAPP explorer

Sep 5: Bet Dice on Android

Aug 30 Bet Dice on IOS

Aug 25 Lynx Launch Party

Aug 4: MultiCoin live on IOS

July 29 First Version of EOS Lynx live on iOS

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